Corona Blues Gospelsong

Sitting in my tiny room ’cause there’s no place I can go

not allowed to go outside but there’s something you should know

I’ve never sung the Blues before

but today is a good day

to cry out to the only One

my grandmum used to say, she said:

‘Need teaches you to pray’


I didn’t pray for a long time ,but now I think I can

I cry out to the only One I think He’ll understand

JESUS, will You take my hand

’cause this world is going crazy

and I need You to be my friend


Somewhere in my closet, under a layer of dust

I found the Holy Bible my grandmum used to trust

and I read about an enemy who tries to have his way with me

-oh, Lord- But when I bow before the King of Kings

He’ll carry me on holy Wings



So no matter what is coming ; He’ll Always be around

when I can’t walk He’ll carry me, puts my feet on Higher Ground

I’m gonna praise Him as long as I’ll be

-here-  ’cause I trust His Word when He tells me

He will never leave


Jolanda Brouwer


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